Well-known style, promising and businessman Pinsa Rai has now change into a beggar, taking a kid to the streets of Kathmandu and begging.

Kathmandu. Pinsa Rai is a successful model from Nepal. She is doing business from 2071 BS. Taking forward the business, she became active in the field of modeling along with business from 2072 BS. She is Miss Makeup of 2073.

Getting stronger in the field of modeling, Pinsa has been organizing various events by forming a team by participating in various competitions. In the year 2075, the team including him organized the competition of Mr and Miss East.

Along with Pinsa business, she has also been giving many training like Motivation, Acting, Beauty Parlor. She is establishing herself as a good trainer. She has also featured in a few music videos.

He has also written short and long films. He is trying his best to write the story of the film as well as direct it. She also writes stories and poems.

He himself has written the story of the serial named ‘Kaya’. He has proved himself worthy in the field of art by writing and directing his story with great effort.

Yes, he has been presented as a beggar in the story of this serial. The picture presented here is of Kaya serial. Pins has a lead role in this serial. You can watch the videos of this serial on Pinsa Rai YouTube channel. His acting is very touching.

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