26 yr previous woman did a novel experiment to seem gorgeous, everybody used to be shocked to look! video long past viral

Everyone likes to look beautiful. Especially when it comes to women, they are ready to do anything for beautiful skin and good hair. For this, women do not hesitate to buy expensive goods. But many times women take such steps to get glowing skin, which people are surprised to think. One such incident has been seen in America, where a beauty blogger has used men’s hair as a face cream to get glowing skin. Not only this, you can get glowing skin with the help of face cream. The video of this incident is going viral.

The beauty blogger has been identified as 26-year-old Kelly Jolansky. She hails from New York, she is sharing all the methods of self-grooming with her followers. This time he shared a video and showed people with a smile on their faces. They claim that semen is rich in nutrition and protein, which makes the skin beautiful.

Kelly says the idea to use Veria as a face cream came after we saw how nutritious the Varia is in Tiktok. After that we called our friend who also teased me and said that I am crazy. However, he agreed to give up. Then I took a V-ray from her in a container and then mixed it with moisturizer and applied it on my face. They say that after drying it becomes like a layer, but by then it has provided enough nourishment to your face. Although he admits that it is too peculiar and does not smell good, Kelly claims that it is very beneficial for the skin. He said that he put the semen in the fridge.

Yes, people are reacting sharply to this use of beauty blogger. The video has been viewed by 33 lakh people so far. Also, this video has been liked by about 300,000 people. About 12 thousand comments are coming on this unique beauty tips. However, he added that some people will not benefit from this. Most of the people on the internet are surprised by its unique use.

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