Cursed chair – by which occupant dies rapidly, is fixed at the wall (VIDEO)

Our world is full of many mysterious things. Many stories and tales related to mysteries have become very popular among the people. In this connection, today we are going to tell you about such a mysterious chair, about which it is claimed that whoever sits on that chair dies soon due to some reason or the other.

The chair is said to have been kept in a museum in the United Kingdom or Philadelphia. The fear of this chair is so much that it has been hung a few feet above the ground so that no one can sit in it.

For this reason, this mysterious chair is discussed many times in the country and abroad. There are such stories about this mysterious chair known as the chair of death, knowing about which you will definitely be surprised. In this connection, let us know about the mysterious chair in which people sitting till today have lost their lives in the near future.

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