Rekha Thapa’s wedding ceremony, who would be the groom?

Kathmandu: Actress Rekha Thapa is going to tie the knot. According to family sources, she is preparing to get married in the year 2079 BS. Family sources have suggested that her fiancee will get married.

“If you don’t want to get married, you ask reasons why you shouldn’t, so I’ve said I’ll marry in 2079 to address that question. Of course, every year I’m told that I Will get married next year,” says Rekha. Although actress Thapa tried to say that the news of her marriage was just a rumour, she did not deny that they would get married next year.

“Again, if I say I won’t get married, that means the message that this will happen to our other sisters, even if they don’t get married, is wrong,” she jokingly replied. Although he did not want to openly talk about his marriage, but according to family sources, their marriage is confirmed.

She is getting ready to get married next April. The date is yet to be finalised. When asked if your wedding will take place in April, she said, “It is not decided yet. This news should also be written and she did not want to say anything about the groom.


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