The prisoner in prison did such an act, in any case this kind of secret was once published after the tummy pain of the prisoner!

A shocking incident has come to light from Tihar Jail. During a sudden checking in jail, the prisoner had to swallow the phone to hide his mobile phone. A few days after the incident, the prisoner was admitted to GB Pant Hospital due to abdominal pain.

With the help of endoscopy, the doctor found a mobile in the stomach. Then he put the pipe away and slowly took out the phone. The keypad was a little over six and a half inches tall but a little less than seven inches high.

These are 8 reasons for mobile hanging
Most of the mobile users are attracted towards smartphones. The iPhone has iOS and most other brands use the Android operating system. Users are sometimes surprised because they benefit from smartphones. Here are some tips on how to find or get an appointment for antiques.

1. Opens a lot of apps: If we open the app on the smartphone and back it up, the app shrinks, doesn’t close. In such a situation, the app is running in the background of the mobile. In this way, when the app is running in the background, it is taking up the RAM of the mobile. If you’re connected to the Internet, those apps will be the first to get the updates you need. Therefore, after running any app, you should make a habit of closing the app with the navigation key of the mobile.

2. More Cases: There is a problem of slowness of users who use the Internet more than the smartphone. Any page’s cache and temporary files are kept inside the set to make it easier to revisit. When it is running continuously it consumes more memory and slows down the mobile. Case or temporary file removal apps are also available. You can also remove it by going to your settings or going to the browser.

3. Use of Third Party Software: It is best to install only those apps which are considered official by Android or iOS. Some people keep third party apps, such apps affect other apps as well. So Android users will have to install apps from Google Play Store and iPhone users will have to install apps from App Store.

4. Lack of storage: Two types of storage are used in the smartphone. Inner to one set and outer to add to another. If we do not have external storage (memory card) then we have to keep all the photos, videos, apps taken by us in internal. Due to which the mobile hangs when it is full. Therefore, according to the capacity of the set of external storage, photos, videos, apps should be kept in it including the size of the files.

5. Install the app yourself: While downloading the app, sometimes unwanted apps can be installed by mixing them with the same apps. This can sometimes happen when you click on the same ad that you find on a website or app. Such apps are not visible but they are playing a role in making the mobile slow.

6. Let’s restart the phone from time to time: We do not switch off the mobile immediately. The mobile phone may slow down even when working for a long time without frequent switching off. So, turning off the mobile phone at least once a week, removing its battery and memory card and turning it back on again can help reduce the problem of slowing down.

7. Remove unnecessary apps: We keep some apps running on our set. These apps, which you don’t need and use rarely, occupy both the storage and RAM of the phone. So first remove the apps that you don’t run. If both apps have the same function, keep only one. By doing this, you can do a lot of work even with some apps.

8. Choosing the right charger: The mobile should not be charged with the same charger as it was received. This type of action is draining the battery capacity of the mobile. Which also affects the mobile and the mobile phone can be slow. Therefore, it is always better to charge the mobile phone only with the company’s charger that came in your mobile set.

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