Those moms are looking to save their kids


A woman and her boyfriend have both been jailed for trying to save their child in Cambridgeshire, UK.

A 29-year-old woman named Lucy Smith lied to the police to save her two and a half month old baby. According to British media reports, Lucy’s 31-year-old boyfriend Ken Mitchell was chasing the child’s head. Due to which the child died.

The secret of this incident that happened in 2019 has come to the notice of the police during the investigation. The child’s skull was broken at 17 places. Even though Kane was arrested at the time, he was lying about it.

He even pretended to be a crocodile in the police court over the death of the child. Lucy and Ken were in love for eight months before the child’s death. were living together. When Lucy went to school that day, Ken held the child on a hard object. When the police questioned the two about the whereabouts of the child, they expressed ignorance. Although Lucy was aware of the incident, she lied to the police and the court.

According to the postmortem report, the child died due to congestion and arthritis. Both were taken into custody by the British police. But they were constantly lying about the incident. During interviews with various media outlets, Lucy told her child that she loves him and that the child is her everything.

But after both Kane and Lucy were found guilty, Cambridge Crown Court recently sentenced Lucy to two years in prison and Kane to 18 years in prison. The police officer involved in the investigation of the incident also said that the hand of the child was scared and depressed.

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