Sister Usha Mangeshkar issued any such remark after the inside track of Lata Mangeshkar’s loss of life got here out

Lata Mangeshkar has been admitted to the ICU of Breach Candy Hospital after getting infected and her family and fans are constantly praying for her speedy recovery. A few days ago there was news that Lata Mangeshkar’s health has deteriorated a bit.

Usha Mangeshkar said, ‘Lata didi’s health is improving, she had some problem. She is fine and stable, but cannot say when she will return home. Because their return home depends on the doctor.

He also said, “Some news publications are showing false news which is not true. I urge the media not to do so, their condition is stable.

Senior doctor Prata Samdani, who is treating Lata Mangeshkar, said, “She is still in the ICU ward. We are monitoring his health. It will take time for him to recover from his old age.

Earlier the statement of the doctor had also come. He said that Lataji’s health is improving. She is recovering and will be hospitalized for the next 15 days. According to the doctor, preparations are being made to keep him in the hospital for security reasons.

Lata Mangeshkar’s spokesperson said in a statement that she is “stable”. The spokesperson said, “It is sad to spread false news. Please note that Lata didi is stable. She is undergoing treatment in ICU. Pray for her speedy return home.”

Doctors have given updates about Lata ji’s health, but various rumors are going on about her on social media. In such a situation, his spokesperson has appealed to the fans not to pay attention to the fake news. There is a lot of improvement in Lataji’s health and a team of doctors is continuously monitoring her health. Considering his age, he will be kept in the hospital for a few more days as a precaution.

Lata Mangeshkar is battling Kovid infection and pneumonia. Her team has issued a statement regarding the fake news going viral about the singer. He said that many false rumors have been spread on social media regarding the health of the singer. In such a situation, there is an appeal to the fans not to pay attention to the fake news.

A statement issued by the spokesperson said, “Do not spread false news.” Please do not spread any false news, Lata didi is in ICU, being treated by Dr. Prat Samdani and her team of doctors. . Respect the privacy of family and doctors.

In fact, several posts on social media have suggested that Lata Mangeshkar’s condition is not well. In some cases he has even died. Lata Mangeshkar was admitted to the hospital on 8 January. He was admitted to the hospital in November 2019 after suffering from breathing problems.

93-year-old Lata Mangeshkar is praying for 93-year-old Lata Di. In her seven decade long career, Lata Mangeshkar has sung over 30,000 songs in various Indian languages. Lata Mangeshkar’s family as well as her fans are wishing her good health.


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