The charter does now not say that native elections will have to be held best at the final day of six months.

Doctor. Khimlal Devkota: The election law stipulates that local level officials must be elected two months before the expiration of a five-year term. This arrangement has been made with the intention that the newly elected public representatives can start their work from the next day after the end of the term of the former office bearers, even if the election process is long. For example, the election process has already started a month before the term of 20 members of the National Assembly ends.

Similarly, the provision of election law on the basis of the timing of the first phase, irrespective of the number of phases in which the election is held, is also appropriate. Talking about the National Assembly, the term of 20 MPs is ending on 20th of this month. Another team of 20 people will come from 218 Falgun 2078. The team that has to arrive on the 21st of Phalgon 2078, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or no matter how late they are, their countdown starts from Phalgon 21, 2078. The situation can be easily gauged if the Election Commission, which was supposed to send candidates to work from February 8, 2078, delayed the election by six months.

The five-year term of the local officials ends on the 5th of the first year. They have to go after Jesht 5. Another team should come. There is no constitutional or legal provision for extension of time or holding of late elections. There is no need to worry too much about this issue.

The Constitution does not say that local elections should be held on the last day of six months. Even if Article 225 of the Constitution is taken as the basis, what is stopping the election from being held the next day after the term expires? The next day is the election within six months.

Actually, it would be more appropriate to hold elections three months in advance. The United States has a similar system for presidential elections. The new team gets to learn from the old team. With one year left for Finance Commission officials in India, a new Finance Commission team may arrive. Even if there is a provision of temporary commission.

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