After his personal 3 sisters fell in love with a tender guy..

Kathmandu. The news is coming that two girls like a young man. But in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, three girls like a young man. Interestingly, all the three girls are brothers and sisters. Eight days ago, after opposition from the relatives, all three suddenly ran away from the house along with their boyfriend.

The family members did not report to the police for fear of the local people. Now they are searching for the three sisters with the help of their relatives. The incident is from a village under Azimnagar police station area. Eight days ago, three sisters went missing from their house. Since the disappearance of the three sisters, the family members are searching for them in a nearby village.

Although the relatives inquired about this from the relatives and acquaintances, but it is not known yet. On the other hand, there are rumors of three sisters missing in the village. It is said that the love affair of three sisters is going on with the same young man. They have left the house with the young man.

Two of these sisters are adults and one is a minor. The family members have not informed the police yet. Police said action would be taken if a complaint was lodged.

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