Jagjit Shrestha hoping for a comeback

Ramesh Subedi / News Factory: Kathmandu, 10 January. Last year, Jagjit Shrestha made Australia his home. The 28-year-old is living in South Australia with his family. Where he is playing various competitions on behalf of local clubs.

Jagjit reached Nepal as soon as the date of the top division league was decided. Jagjit, who had previously played for Manang Mersiangdi, this time chose Tribhuvan Army Football Club as his destination. Jagjit, who has played in the ‘playing set’ from the beginning, said that he is maintaining his old rhythm.

In the opening match of the league, Senna did not perform as expected. Two of their key players were injured before the league started. In this way Jagjit also proved to be a boon for the army. Jagjit was 100 percent for the team.

Shaheed Smarak was the new team for Sena Jagjit in the A Division League. Despite this, Jagjit’s performance was excellent. At the end of the ninth round of the league, Jagjit played all the games for Sena. Jagjit scored two goals and two assists in nine matches, playing 671 minutes (excluding injury time).

This performance has got Jagjit included in the national team. Meaning they are in close training of the national team. After proving himself in closed training, Jagjit will return to the national team.

When coach Abdullah Almutari called the players to coach the national team in the seventh round, Jagjit did not stop. Many were surprised when Jagjit was not called on the basis of the league’s performance. After the ninth round, Kuwaiti citizen Abdullah again gave a chance to some players. In which Jagjit participated.

When Jagjit was not included in the team for the first time, Abdullah posted ‘We can’t be two handsome in the team’ on his social media story the same day. He also took a selfie with Jagjit.

Nepal is playing two international friendly matches against its first African rival Mauritius on 3 and 4 January. Before the match at Dashrath Stadium, Jagjit will return to the team if he can please Abdullah in training.

If successful, Jagjit will ‘return’ to the national team for the first time since 2017. ‘After many years, got the opportunity. As far as I am concerned, this is the last chance. This is an opportunity to make my career worthwhile. I have taken it positively,” said Jagjit, who made it to the national team’s closed training after nearly five years.

Jagjit also came to Nepal to play in 2067 BS’s Shaheed Smarak A Division League. At that time, Manang had chosen the Mersiangadi club. However, this became controversial. On 22 December, the players clashed with each other after the match between Manang and the then champion Machindra ended in a 2-2 draw.

The All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) took action against three players, including a kit manager from Manang and three players from Machindra, after a riot broke out on the ground. In which Jagjit was also involved.

Jagjit has been fined Rs 10,000 along with a five-match ban. Jagjit returned to Australia after losing the rest of the match.

This time in the army, Jagjit managed to clear his doubts and give a better performance. However, it took a long time for Jagjit to integrate with the army team.

“It was difficult for me to adjust with the Army team. I was sick when I came to Nepal. Army had a different style of play. It took me a while to get there. Of course, the coordination is not good right now. Now, this The league gets even better,’ says Jagjit.

Jagjit made his national team debut in March 2011 and 2019. Against the home team in Bhutan, coach Graham Roberts gave Jagjit a debut in the second half. Jagjit, who came in place of Anil Gurung at that time, has been out of the team after Anil retired from the national team.

Jagjit, who was part of the squad for the 2017 Asian Cup qualifiers against the Philippines, was confined to the bench by coach Gyotoku Kojile. Since then Jagjit’s team is out.

Jagjit was a key player of the Nepalese team that won gold medals at the 12th South Asian Games (SAGS) and the Bangabandhu Gold Cup in Dhaka.

Now once again Jagjit has a chance to prove himself and bid farewell to the national team. Few players in Nepal get a chance to say goodbye like this.

If Jagjit makes it to the last 23 of the national team, he will be able to take a break from the national team’s tour with his first African rival Mauritius.

‘I am very happy. Got a chance after a long time. The atmosphere (practice) here is also good. This is my style and the style of the team. If I reach the final, I can contribute a lot,’ said Jagjit.

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