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Kathmandu, 11 January. There are complaints of shortage of Cetamol in the market. The drug dealers say that they do not know the truth about this. A team led by Deepak Poudel, Assistant CDO, Kathmandu District Administration Office, was deployed today to find out whether the artificial deficiency has been created and hidden.

The team also kept an eye on 3 in Tripuraeshwar, 1 in Baneshwar and Bhatbhateni. According to Poudel, there is no shortage of Cetamol. The stores had enough. However, the question arose regarding the supply of milk to the child in Bhatbhateni.

A team led by Poudel has also monitored public transport in Kathmandu. The bus was monitored to see if the health standards were met.

Photos: Mukund Kalikot / Reporter Nepal

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