love by no means fails

Kathmandu, January 11 :

let the sky fall, let the earth explode
whatever it is let the sun stop
But our love never diminishes

These words from lyricist Ghan Bahadur Thapa’s recent public song ‘Timilai Nai’ are the epitome of undying love. Finding love and finding it is not easy. Every couple in the world is bound in search of intimacy. This song also talks about a similar definition of love.

When they find a good friend, they never want to break up with him. The holders never want to leave each other’s hand, no matter what calamity comes at that time. This sentiment is revealed through the words of the song.

How many stray ruins, found that Rara
How many awake all night, counting the stars in the sky
With such sacrifice and penance, I have asked for your support.
I chose you to be with Juni Juni

The song also expresses the argument that a person found after life and penance cannot be kept away from himself. The song “Waka Furko”, which is about the first experience of first love, contains difficult and happy moments of young love.

Lyricist Thapa says that interest has increased in today’s society. There is an increasing number of couples engaging in selfish love and subsequently getting divorced. I felt that the onus of stopping this was on our shoulders. He said that the song has been prepared in this connection.

Thapa recalled the moment of songwriting, saying, “It is becoming difficult to preserve the love affair established through so many twists and turns.”

Inspector Thapa is also interested in writing poetry, story and literature. This time Thapa also made his mark as an artist (lyricist).

‘Timilai Nai’ features singer Kiran Bhujel and singer Melina Mainali. Recently the music video of the song has been made public through ‘Enakshi Entertainment’ YouTube channel. Its music and direction is given by Deepak Raj Vishwakarma. The singer has her own performance in the video. The video is choreographed by Keshav Raj Bhatt, composed by Anita Gwacha and filmed by Aman Badu, edited by Dinson Shah.

Scenic area of ​​Kathmandu’s religious area Sankhu is included in the video. The love song of a young man who wants to maintain the relationship of marriage has spread a positive message in the society.

Director Deepak Raj Vishwakarma says that the music video was made in a filmy style. Its lyrics, music, voice and panoramic view have tried to attract the audience. The song has got one lakh 54 thousand views in a short time.file photo


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