That is how actress Kirti’s existence modified after divorce, this was once published about changing into a mom

agency. Actress Kirti Kulhari has been a part of many projects these days. Although Kirti Kulhari has appeared in many films, she has not got screen time. But, because of this, there was not much difference in Kirti’s acting. Kirti made both her identity and her place among the audience. Kirti Kulhari has seen struggle in Bollywood. At the same time, tension has been going on in the personal life of the actress for some time. Kirti’s acting career has been quite successful on the OTT platform. In a recent interview, Kirti spoke openly about her life after Sahil and her second marriage.

How much has changed the life of the actress
“My marriage made me a different person,” Kirti told The Times of India. I had a good experience with Sahil. I have become a good person. The decision to part ways was huge, but I felt stronger after making the decision. more powerful. I felt something I had never felt before. It was a very difficult decision for me, but it was influenced by people close to me. I stood up for myself. Being free means you want to do what you love. In life. ,

Kirti said that separating from Sahil was a big deal for me. It has taught me a lot about confidence. Apart from standing up for myself in life, it taught me to make very important decisions. It made me a little wiser. Today my thinking about marriage has changed. My current advice to men and women about marriage is completely different from the advice I was given four years ago. I feel like I am at my best and best version.

“I’m so open to love, but do I need it?” No, I don’t need anyone else. I have learned to love myself. I know very well what self-love is. Perhaps the decision to leave the marriage has also taught me how much I value myself. I am able to connect with myself in a way I have never been before. I am in a happy place now. Now I want to do something for the children. I used to think about becoming a mother and giving birth to my child. Now that perception has changed. Today I see myself single and don’t think of becoming a mother. Today I am planning it for myself. After this, I have no idea what life is planning for me.


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