Those 3 photos I noticed from Google Earth that blow everybody’s senses

Kathmandu. New mysterious and interesting discoveries are happening every day in Google Earth. Google Earth users have repeatedly claimed to see mysterious things, which would be surprising to know. Meanwhile, a Google Earth user has discovered something that will surprise everyone.

Google Maps also lets users find unknown places with ease. When zoomed in, the surrounding area is visible, but sometimes Google Maps creates a unique situation.

Meanwhile, a person has posted a picture on the social networking site Reddit, which is now the subject of discussion. The person said that the picture was taken from Google Maps.

This is a viral image of a beach, in which the feet of a man wearing sandals are visible. Everyone is surprised to see this picture. Actually, in this picture only the human foot is visible.

A Reddit user claimed to have taken this picture. The human body is not visible in the picture, only the legs are visible, so social media users are confused.

People are giving different types of reactions on this picture. One person says that only human feet must have come to the beach to celebrate the holiday. Such images are often seen in Google Earth.

Sometimes it is caused by a network problem. However, it gives a lot of information to the people. Sometimes people look for places that no one knows about.

But they get to know about it from Google Maps. Earlier a user had claimed that there is an alien base in Antarctica. see picture below

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