Why Rakhi Sawant identified her husband after 2 years of marriage and mentioned, ‘We need to separate once more’

agency. TV’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss means a lot in Sawant’s life. The show seems a bit unfocused in the recent episodes, but it has also given Rakhi a chance to mend her personal relationships. In Bigg Boss, Rakhi revealed a lot of surprises about her husband and it was in Bigg Boss that Rakhi first introduced everyone about her husband. Now in the last week of Bigg Boss 15, Sawant is once again looking emotional about his marriage.

Why did Rakhi Sawant bring her husband to Bigg Boss 15?
In the last week of the show, the makers invited two RJs to do a little drama. RJ asked sharp questions to the family members. Meanwhile, he asks Rakhi why she chose Bigg Boss to bring her husband in front of everyone. Also, is she legally Ritesh’s wife? He also questioned.

Rakhi answered all the questions openly and said, ‘When I came to BB 14 and said that I am married, no one believed me. I cried a lot with my husband, mother and Ritesh’s family. My husband asked me to come to India and organize a reception for friends in Mumbai and announce the wedding. But I stopped him and then I got an offer from Bigg Boss, which is everything to me. Then I decided to announce to Bigg Boss that I am married and this is my husband. The show is very popular and is watched by people all over the world.

Rakhi had said that she had married her husband after seeing her bank balance. Rakhi said, ‘I don’t want mercy from Ritesh. Proceed only when they feel that I am a good person and worthy of their love. I have no mercy, I want my rights as a wife.

Rakhi and Ritesh are not legally married
Rakhi said that she and Ritesh were not legally married. The actress further said, “Riteish should give me the marriage certificate. If he gives, I am ready to be with him for the rest of my life. Should separate.


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