Former US President Invoice Charger-Monica Courting

Today is 26th January. There have been various social and political developments in the history of the world today. Some events from today’s history are as follows:

Clinton-Monica Relationship

In 1998, former US President Bill Clinton was accused of sexual misconduct by his aide Monica Lewinsky. On January 26, Clinton issued a statement claiming that the allegations against her were baseless. However, the Bhutto details of Clinton did not last long. On August 17 of the same year, Clinton admitted to having an affair with Monica.

The husband of Democratic Party leader Hillary Clinton, President Bill was indicted in the 1998 House of Representatives for his alleged relationship with Lewinsky. But his position survived when the opposition failed to reach a majority in the Senate. At the time, 22-year-old Lewinsky was working as an intern at the White House.

“Everyone’s life is full of stress, despair, and despair. What I did was wrong,” Bill said.

Bill Clinton and Lewinsky’s relationship made headlines in the 1990s. Initially Bill said that there was no relationship between them. But he later admitted that he had “no contact” with Lewinsky.

Lewinsky also said that she had a consensual relationship with Bill after the incident. But he later described the incident as an “abuse of power”.

“I am sacrificing my life to protect Bill’s powerful position,” Lewinsky said in 2014.

Bill said he was unhappy that his relationship with Lewinsky would have led to his life being interpreted financially. Hillary Clinton was shocked to learn about Bill and Lewinsky’s relationship. “Personally, I was so upset I couldn’t believe what my husband had done,” Clinton said in the statement.

Clinton said in a statement that she was “afraid” to tell her daughter, Chelsea, about her father’s mistake. However, Clinton decided to stick with Bill. Some called his action right and some wrong.

Devastating earthquake in Gujarat

Today, January 26, a devastating earthquake shook the Indian state of Gujarat. The earthquake killed at least 20,000 people and injured 160,000 others. The Gujarat earthquake caused heavy damage.

republic day in india

India, the second most populous country in the world, became independent in 1950. The Constitution of India came into force on 26 January. Today is Republic Day of India.

The day the largest diamond was discovered in Africa

The world’s largest diamond was discovered in 1905 in South Africa. The value of the 3106.75 carat diamond was estimated at 2 billion.

First European team to live in Australia

Europeans first settled in Australia in 1978. The first British team was stationed in Sydney Harbor on 26 January.

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