Lata Mangeshkar’s circle of relatives mentioned, ‘We can’t give details about Lata’s well being at the moment’

agency. Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar is admitted to the ICU after becoming a coward. On January 8, Lata Mangeshkar was found to be Kovid positive. He was later admitted to a hospital in Mumbai. Based on the age of Lata, the doctors have kept her in the ICU. Meanwhile, Lata Mangeshkar’s family and doctors are constantly updating her about her health.

relative said
Now Lata Mangeshkar’s relative Rachna has said that it is becoming difficult for the family to update their sister’s health every day. Rachna says family will update about Lataji‚Äôs health tomorrow, January 28. Rachna said that it was difficult to give daily updates. So we will give sister’s health update tomorrow.

statement from family
A few days ago, Lata Mangeshkar’s family had issued a statement demanding confidentiality. “Lataji’s health has improved,” he said in a statement. But he is still in ICU. Her sister’s treatment is going on under the supervision of Dr. Praut Samdani’s team. It is not possible to give daily updates about his health. It is a matter of complete family privacy. We request you to try to understand the seriousness of this issue. Avoid spreading rumors and pray for Lata’s health. We are grateful for your support.

Smriti Irani also replied
Lata Mangeshkar’s family and fans are saddened by her deteriorating health. Meanwhile, many people are spreading false rumors about him. A few days ago, Union Minister and actress Smriti Irani had also appealed to those spreading rumors about Lata Mangeshkar not to do so. He also wished him good health.


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