On account of one such mistake, 300,000 Thai employees in Saudi Arabia misplaced their jobs, inflicting a industry deficit of billions of greenbacks within the nation.

Saudi Arabia and Thailand have ended a 30-year-old dispute over the theft of diamonds and precious stones and chains. During the visit of Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan Ucha to Riyadh, full diplomatic relations have been re-established between the two countries.

Some gems were stolen in 1989 by a Thai watchman working for a Saudi prince. However, the rare 50-carat blue diamond was never found.

Three Saudi diplomats were killed in Bangkok after the kidnapping. Although several senior Thai police officers are believed to have been involved in the case, they were never convicted.

The current agreement opens the door for Thai citizens to seek employment in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia needs millions of foreign workers to work in various sectors.

The agreement will now allow the renewal of partnerships in sectors such as tourism and petrochemicals. Saudi Arabian Airlines has announced that it will resume direct flights to Thailand from May.

Relations between the two countries have soured as Prince Faisal’s eldest son, Prince Faisal of Saudi Arabia, stole his owner’s diamonds after his Thai scavenger, Kryangkrai Tekmong, fled.

Krynkre sold his jewelry in Thailand without knowing its true value. Thai police later recovered jewelry worth around $20 million. However, the Saudi side claimed that most of the gems returned were counterfeit.

Three Saudi diplomats were killed in Thailand a year after the robbery. And a researcher sent there went missing to locate the missing jewels.
Two Thai nationals suspected of this crime also died under suspicious circumstances. In this case only the watchman Kriyakari and a police officer were jailed.

The Saudi side has accused Thailand’s senior police officers of confiscating stolen gems and jewelry and conducting a “poor investigation”. In 1994, the then deputy chief of staff of the Saudi mission said that he had been “denied” by Saudi diplomats.

According to the BBC’s Jonathan Head in Bangkok, the Thai prime minister’s historic visit to Saudi Arabia is the first high-level contact between the two countries since the bizarre and embarrassing scandal. In a joint statement, the Prime Minister of Thailand expressed “deep regret” at the tragic events that took place in Thailand between 1989 and 1990.

How did the Saudi prince disappear?

The dispute resulted in billions of dollars in trade losses and thousands of Thai migrant workers lost their jobs. Before the dispute, there were approximately 300,000 Thai workers working in Saudi Arabia. Most of the jewelery and jewelery stolen during the incident were not found.

Why is a blue diamond valuable?

Blue diamonds are considered valuable because they are found in very small quantities and in very few mines in the world. In the process of making diamond, it turns blue due to an element called boron. It is not yet known what he will do after leaving office. It has no recognizable picture.

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