Rajinikanth is anxious about his daughter-in-law’s divorce announcement.

agency. Aishwarya’s father Rajinikanth is trying to reunite Dhanush and Aishwarya, a famous South couple who have already announced their divorce. Veteran actor Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya and her husband Dhanush publicly announced their divorce on January 17. Rajinikanth is angry with his announcement. Dhanush’s family is also not satisfied with his decision.

Not only his fans but also his family members are upset with the announcement of divorce after 18 years of marriage. What happened to Aishwarya, who wrote a status praising husband Dhanush a month ago? He decided to get divorced. Their controversy was never made public. The news of the sudden divorce has shocked everyone.

Rajinikanth is shocked. Many people have requested Aishwarya not to give such a drink to Rajinikanth. According to Indian media Dainik Bhaskar, Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya was very upset with this decision and now she wants to reach an agreement between the two.

Rajinikanth is reminding Aishwarya
Indian media quoted sources as saying that the divorce of Rajinikanth’s daughter had a negative impact on him. According to sources, he is constantly reminding Aishwarya that the breakup with him is only a matter of days. Rajinikanth wants to see his daughter and son-in-law live together.

Dhanush doesn’t want to meet Rajinikanth?
According to reports, Rajinikanth wanted to meet Dhanush to stop the divorce but Dhanush did not come home to meet Rajinikanth. Dhanush respects Rajinikanth and can’t stop talking so he is avoiding it.

Dhanush’s father is also against divorce
After the news of the divorce became public, Dhanush’s father Kasturi Raja had said in an interview that the divorce was just a family matter. “It’s a family affair that happens between a married couple,” he said.

The families of both Dhanush and Aishwarya want the couple to reconsider the news of their divorce. Even after the divorce, the couple stayed together in a hotel in Hyderabad.


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