Sufferer’s spouse commentary: He were given married pronouncing that there’s no one apart from you. When he went house, he had 3 other halves and their kids.

An Indian woman from Chennai, India has come to Baglung with her two daughters in search of a Nepalese husband who has been without contact for over a year. Bhanmozhi (Nepali name Meena Sharma), who was married in 2002 to Prakash Sharma of Kushmisera-1, Tahara, Jaimini Municipality, Baglung District, has now come to Baglung to seek justice for her husband.

After marrying in India, Bhanmojhi has given birth to two daughters, Gangalakshmi Sharma and Aishwarya Sharma. Now the eldest daughter is 18 years old and the youngest daughter is 17 years old. He has neither a marriage certificate nor a certificate of Nepali citizenship. Although she gave birth to two daughters and obtained the citizenship of her eldest daughter with the help of police and administration, she did not register her marriage with Bhanmojhi and obtained citizenship in her husband’s name.

“My husband tricked me into believing that I was an orphan and had a business in India. They married in 2002 in Chennai, India. It turns out that he also married Jana. We were earlier in Kushmishera. had come to her house. Her husband’s parents hid her. After giving us so much pain, we returned to India.” He hasn’t been in touch for over a year now. I am raising two daughters and my husband’s son, Celie. My life is ruined, but I have to give birth and citizenship to my two daughters and another wife’s son. I’m working for justice in a hotel, he said, “I am.”

She said that her husband was lying and was getting married and having children. He said that it was very difficult for him to take care of his daughter. Daughter Aishwarya Sharma told that she was deprived of studies because of her father. Daughter Aishwarya Sharma said, “Baba has hurt my mother a lot. Now our family is happy because of one person.” Didi Gangalakshmi Sharma dropped out of science in class 11 in India and now works in a hotel in Baglung. Didi had a dream of becoming a doctor.”

It is recorded that Prakash Sharma married someone other than himself in India and then came back to Nepal and married Somaya Reshmi Sharma. After giving birth to a son, Nandish Sharma left him and now Bhanmojhi is raising Nandish Sharma. Nandish is now 6 years old. Prakash, who is married to two women, has registered his marriage with Somaya Reshmi Sharma on 6 June 2008 saying that he has married Somaya Reshmi Sharma as per the social custom. But now Prakash has remarried in Nepal and has given birth to a son.

The District Administration Office has granted citizenship to Prakash’s elder daughter Gangalakshmi Sharma in 2077 BS. According to Bhanmojhi, Prakash remarried and gave birth to a son. He said that he is now fighting for the citizenship of his youngest daughter and the birth of a son from his wife Sally who is with him. The family has been working for the past one year in a hotel in Baglung.

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