Why are you shocked to peer the abdominal of this pregnant girl? (with 10 pictures)

The mother-child relationship is one of the most precious relationships in the world. Every mother carries her child in her womb for 9 months and suffers from unbearable pain. Recently, one such mother is getting a lot of praise on social media. The woman has shared a picture of her swollen belly or baby bump on social media, in which people are praising her by commenting.

Some people are surprised to see such a big belly and are wondering how this woman got such a big stomach and how many difficulties she had to face. The name of the woman who is being praised on social media is Michelle Meyer-Morsi. She has shared her pregnancy pictures and videos on social media. She carried the baby during pregnancy till 35 weeks and gave birth to three babies by caesarean section.

Michael has three children named Charles, Theodore and Gabriel. They already have two daughters who look alike. With sharing videos, photos and stories of her pregnancy journey on social media, her followers are increasing. He has around 2.67 lakh followers. Some time ago, after giving birth to a child, Michaela also shared a picture of herself, in which the skin of her stomach looks very tight.

Belly Grabbed People’s Attention As soon as Michael shared a photo of his belly, people’s attention was drawn to his belly, as the belly usually moves up and down during pregnancy. But Michael’s stomach was sticking out. Michaela shared a video a day before her surgery. In the video, she was seen holding a baby bump in a dressing gown, in which she said that she is 35 weeks old.

He described the 36-hour operation as the toughest time. But she struggled with the situation and gave birth to three children. All three children are completely healthy. The video he has shared has been watched by 2.5 million people so far. Mickey’s video was later shared by a ticker, which caught the attention of people around the world.

After this video, Michaela has also shared many pictures. In this video of her, a person has said, ‘Oh my God, what is a woman?’ At the same time, another person said, ‘I am silent, you are my superhero. Others said, “It’s so weird. The baby bump is up-and-down, but up-and-down.” Another said, “What a pain the woman’s back must have been.”

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