Why did the younger guy who met his oldsters dedicate suicide after 17 years?

Kathmandu. Liu Suzhou, who was sold as a child by her parents, discovered her parents at the age of 17. But this reconciliation did not prove to be pleasant for him. According to him, his parents refused to keep him with them for the second time. His story was very much discussed in the media and on social media. Many people were showing sympathy towards him.

According to Liu on social media, it was a pleasure to be reunited with the family, but the situation changed when he said he needed financial support.

He told his parents to either keep it with them or buy a house or rent a room. However, he said that both the parents had ended their relationship with him. He said that his mother had also blocked Liu on the messaging platform WeChat.

Her parents denied the allegations in a statement released Friday, saying “Similar baseless allegations have been made more than once in Liu’s case. Later, Liu sued them both.” asked to do, saying that he was trying to leave.

At the same time many people started abusing her online that she is just looking for her parents to get home. Then, at midnight on Monday, Liu wrote a lengthy post on her Weibo detailing how the internet and other life struggles attacked her. “My own parents abandoned me twice,” he said. I have run away from many things in life. He also wrote about ending his life.

Within no time, people were reaching his house to examine him. Speaking to local media, a relative of his confirmed Liu’s death.

The incident has sparked an outpouring of sympathy for him on Chinese social media, with many expressing outrage over his online abuse. Most adults lament how difficult it is for a child to bear everything if it is too much for an adult. Now everyone is wishing him a good family next June.

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