14 International locations Decided on In The Global Cup (With Listing)

Kathmandu, 14 January. So far 14 countries have been selected for the World Cup in Qatar. Fourteen countries have secured tickets to Qatar after Iran became the first country to be elected from Asia with a 10-match victory over Iraq last night.

Qatar has been selected as the organiser. Some countries in Europe and South America have also been selected.

FIFA rules that a total of 32 countries will be selected: 5 from Africa, 4 from Asia, 1 straight and 1 play-off, 13 from Europe, 3 and 1 play-off from North America and the Caribbean, 1 from play-off Oceania and 4 straight and one play-off from South America.

The fifth-ranked team from Asia will play the fifth-ranked team from South America in the Intercontinental Playoffs. The selection will be based on goals in the two-stage play-off. The fourth-ranked North American nation will play a two-stage play-off against Oceania.

selected country
1. Queue
2. Germany
3. Denmark
4. Brazil
5. France
6. Belgium
7. Croatia
8. Spain
9. Serbia
10. England
1 1 Switzerland
12. Netherlands
13. Argentina
14. Iran

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