Pooja and Sanjib’s ‘Yo Maya’ directed by means of Govind Rai

Kathmandu, 14 January. The music video ‘Yo Maya’, directed and produced by renowned choreographer Govinda Rai, released on Friday. The voice, words and rhythm of Nishad Singh have been created in the song while the video has been arranged by Saj Singh.

Sumit Gurung’s videographed song has been released today from Govinda Rai Entertainment YouTube channel. This video was shot by the team of Mukesh Humgain.

The video of the romantic love story song features Pooja Shree and Sanjib Magar (Jaan Rana) for the first time. The couple can be seen frozen in the video. The music video has been edited by Binod Bam.

watch the video:


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