Some more likely to come from Asia in International Cup soccer

Kathmandu, 14 January. Iran has become the first country in Asia to be selected for this year’s World Cup in Qatar. They scored 19 points in Group A and made it to the World Cup with three games to spare.

Iran have won six of their last seven matches and drawn one. United Arab Emirates, ranked third in Group A, has nine points. He cannot beat Iran even after winning all three matches.

South Korea is also close to the selection in Group A. Winning one of the remaining three matches ensured Korea’s trip to Qatar. Even if the UAE loses a game, Korea is automatically selected.

There is stiff competition for direct selection of group insurance among the three countries. Saudi Arabia is ahead with 19 points. Japan has 15 points and Australia has 14 points. It seems that two of these three countries will be directly selected. The third-placed team will play a play-off against the third-placed team in Group A.
Group B Saudi Arabia will play the remaining three matches at Japan’s home ground. Australia will play China at home.

Japan will play the remaining three matches away from Australia with Saudi and at home with Vietnam.

Australia will play matches against Japan, Oman and Saudi Arabia at home.

Therefore, all the three competitions of the three countries can be decisive.

Saudi has not lost a single match so far. He has played 6 wins and 1 draw in 7 matches. Japan has 5 draws and 2 losses in 7 matches. Australia has 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in 7 matches.

Japan was initially weak. He has won 4 matches in a row.

In the Asia-Pacific selection, the third-place team from Group A and Group B will play the play-offs. The winner will be decided on the basis of the average goals scored in the two competitions at home and away. The winner will play a two-match play-off at home and away with the fifth-placed team in the South American World Cup Qualifier in the Intercontinental Play-off. The team traveling to Qatar will be decided on the basis of average goals.

The UAE has a higher chance of making the play-offs from Asia than Group A. Two of Saudi Arabia, Japan and Australia will be selected directly from Group B.

Colombia, Uruguay, Chile and Peru appear in the South American playoffs. Brazil and Argentina have been elected directly. Ecuador is also close to direct choice. Colombia, Uruguay, Chile and Peru are included in the rest of the teams. The fifth team will also be among those who will have to compete with the team selected in the play-offs from Asia.

A total of 32 countries will participate in the World Cup. According to FIFA rules, a total of 32 countries will be selected: 5 from Africa, 4 and 1 play-off directly from Asia, 13 from Europe, 3 and 1 play-off from North America and the Caribbean, 1 play-off from Oceania. and 4 from South America.

The fifth-ranked team from Asia will play the fifth-ranked team from South America in the Intercontinental Playoffs. The selection will be based on goals in the two-stage play-off. The fourth-ranked North American nation will play a two-stage play-off against Oceania.

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