Emphasis on collaboration and partnership with organizations for playground construction

-Narayan Nupane Kathmandu, Jan 31: The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is going to lay emphasis on cooperation, coordination, partnership and professionalism with the National Sports Federation for the development and expansion of the sports sector of the country. The ministry is going to make such organizations more active to increase participation in sports sector investment, culture development, competition conduct, cooperation and infrastructure building.

Dr. Damodar Regmi, Secretary in the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, says that the role of various organizations of the region will be very important to make sports a business and take forward the development dimension of the region. It is informed that the Ministry has gone ahead to enhance the management and quality of various organizations by promoting various organizations for integrated development of sports as a team of experts and experience of good sports management.

Various organizations and bodies are active in the overall development of sports in Nepal. The ministry has taken up the role of policy formulation and facilitation for the development of the sports sector, while the government and various sports organizations related to sports are active in the implementation process.

According to Secretary Regmi, the main issues of the sports sector are quality player production, infrastructure creation and competition. There is an urgent need for the state to collaborate with Khel Aadhar Schools for the development and expansion of the sports sector.

Swimming coach and former champion Nayana Shakya says the state needs to announce various programs to attract and encourage people from the school level as the will of the people should be awakened with the word ‘sports’. He said that the state and various organizations related to sports should be able to focus on creating an environment conducive to livelihood of the sportspersons by turning sports into business.

In recent times, the leadership of sports federations has been accused of deviating from the main responsibility of development and expansion of the sports sector and focusing only on the struggle for leadership. Due to the inability of various sports related federations to organize regular general meetings and events, the need for an internal democratic exercise has been felt. However, sports organizations have been organizing programs to enhance the competence of the players and promote competition in the development of the sports sector of the country.

According to the ministry, out of 206 national sports federations registered with the National Sports Council, 25 have been abolished. Sports federations are classified according to the specific location of the game, the number of competitors, the season of the game, content or other arts.

Nepal has 135 indoor sports federations, 37 outdoor sports federations and nine associate sports federations. Of them, 14 will be played in teams and 167 in individual games, Secretary Regmi said. There are 25 related to ball game, 94 related to martial arts, 17 related to traditional sports, 9 related to associates and 36 related to other sports. According to the ministry, at present there are 103 renewed unions, 54 non-renewed unions, 24 ad-hoc unions and 25 dissolved unions in the country.

Of the 181 sports organizations operating in the country, 124 held general meetings in the last financial year and 31 did not. Out of these, 148 sports organizations have got international recognition. Fifteen traditional and other sports federations were started in Nepal and registered with the National Sports Council. Sports related programs are being run from the local level for physical, mental and intellectual development through sports, to build a moral, disciplined and respectable society and to establish them as employable and professional.ls / file photo

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