Sufferer’s spouse commentary: My husband introduced his personal pal.

It has come to the fore that a man has imposed tax on his own wife. The arrested man had an affair with his wife, due to which the incident went viral. For this, the man brought one of his colleagues home to have sex with his wife. The wife had no idea that the husband had lost his temper with his friend.

The couple have been married for 23 years and have three children. But one night the husband went to end their long relationship. He and his friend planned to tax his wife. That day the 48-year-old husband called his 45-year-old partner to his bedroom.

The man had drunk his wife’s wine in his wife’s wine. When both entered the bedroom, the man’s 44-year-old wife was blindfolded and she was unconscious. As soon as the stranger tried to impose tax on the girl, he regained consciousness and ran away. This incident is from Singapore.

In this case, the Singapore High Court on Thursday convicted an aide (now 47) of conspiracy against the woman’s husband and attempting to levy taxes. He has been sentenced to three years in prison.

While hearing the matter, the High Court had said that both were colleagues in 2015. This man used to share everything related to his sex life with his co-workers. He said that he wanted to see his wife having sex with another man.

The husband invited his co-worker to his house to have sex with his wife. After this the husband asked her to go to his wife. The woman’s children and laborers were sleeping in another part of the house.

The man tried to have sex with the woman but failed. When she learned that an unknown man was trying to have sex with her, the woman returned to Homa and tried to blindfold her. Seeing this the people ran away. It was later revealed that the man had erectile dysfunction. Somehow the woman met the man and asked her husband and friend to write a letter of confession.

Another woman had filed a police complaint after receiving intimate photos of her on her husband’s phone alleging that he and others had sexually assaulted her. The woman’s husband has been arrested. Meanwhile, the accused husband of the present case is also under siege.

Prosecutors have sentenced Chi Ei Ling to two and a half years in prison for raping his wife.

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