Those males reside in the similar space with 8 better halves, the fascinating factor is that there are such a lot of better halves!

It is said that those who eat the wedding cake have to repent and those who do not eat also repent. You must have heard many people getting angry with their one wife, you must have seen many people getting married twice. But today the thing we are going to tell you about has been married to 1 not 8 people. This Thai man has eight wives and most importantly, they all live together under one roof.

Ong Dum Sorot of Thailand is quite popular on social media. He is a tattoo artist. Because Ong has 8 wives and they all live together in the same house. You might think that women are angry with each other, but it is not. There is so much love between them all. Not only this, they all love Ong very much and consider him the gentlest person in the world.

The most interesting thing about Ong is how he met his wife. Every time they fall in love at first sight and the meeting place is also very unique. Ong met his first wife, Nong Sprite, at a friend’s wedding. He fell in love with Nong at first sight and they got married. Nong El is the second wife he met in the market.

The third wife met Nong Nan at Ong Hospital. Meanwhile, Ong met his fourth, fifth and sixth wives on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok respectively. Ong once visited the famous temple with his mother, where he met his seventh wife, Nong Film, and his eighth wife, Nong Mai, where he was accompanied by his other wives.

The eight wives said that Ong loved and cared for everyone equally. There is no point in fighting between them. People on social media think that Ong is very rich, so he married many times but it is not true. All the wives earn money by running small businesses.

Ong has made it clear to his wives that he should never hide anything from them. If they fall in love with another man, tell him openly. Not only that, if they want to break the relationship, let’s be clear, then they will leave. The family members of the woman initially had some objection to the marriage, but later when they saw Ong, they fell in love with her. So the question of their separation does not arise.

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