Australian scientist found out this type of mysterious factor, scientists had been additionally shocked, stated – I’ve by no means observed this sooner than!

New Delhi. Australian astronomers have discovered a terrifying revolving object in the Milky Way. Scientists are surprised to see this. Astronomers say they have never seen anything like this before.

It emits radio waves every 18 minutes, lasting up to a minute. It was first discovered by students from Curtin University. Vibrating energy is a thing found in the universe in the form of pulsating energy but it has been seen for the first time.

The team mapping the radio waves found an unusual phenomenon that produced huge amounts of energy three times in an hour. And it’s not what astronomers have seen before.

According to this the object is emitting energy every 18 minutes. According to Harley Walker, this is a completely unexpected event. This is scary for an astronomer, because such things have never been seen before on the Milky Way. “Other studies suggest that such an object is alone or that the universe is dancing with many such objects,” he said.

Astronomers say that this is a mysterious object that emits radio waves over time. According to the astronomers, the team concluded that the mysterious object was 400 light-years away from Earth. Its magnetic field is very strong and it is extremely bright. It is too early to say anything, but one theory is that the object could be a neutron star or a dwarf star. A dwarf star is also called a dying star.

Specifically, students from Curtin University in Australia observed the unknown object while observing the Milky Way with the help of new technology and a telescope at Murchison Wildfield Arena in Western Australia.

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