Hrithik Roshan pronounces new female friend (with video)

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has always kept his personal life low profile but he is such a big star that he cannot keep his personal life a secret for long. Although Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan part ways with mutual consent, both continue to act as guardians for their children.

The uproar in Bollywood has now got a special scoop in Hrithik’s personal life. For the past few days, Hrithik is seen shaking hands with a girl. Seeing this, it is said that a new girl has also come in Hrithik Roshan’s life.

Actor Hrithik Roshan was spotted outside a restaurant in Mumbai on Friday night (January 28). When she came out of the restaurant, she saw a young woman with her. Hrithik was holding the girl’s hand and keeping it inside his car. Along with the actor, the girl also wore a face mask, due to which no one could know who the girl was.

A close aide of Hrithik said on condition of anonymity, “Hrithik prefers to keep his personal life a secret. He was seen with actress Saba Azad for a while and now Hrithik has finally made his relationship with Saba public. Their relationship is slowly improving.

Interestingly, Hrithik and his ex-wife Sussanne Khan have moved on in their lives since their divorce. Suzanne Arslan is happy with Goni and now Saba has come in Hrithik’s life. In this regard, the source said, “This is real maturity. Hrithik and Sussanne respect each other and continue to be the parents of the child. However, both have moved on in their personal lives.

Some users have speculated that the actor may be dating a girl. After watching the video, a social media user commented, “Is Hrithik dating again?” Another social media user wrote, “This Who is it? Another has asked, ‘Who is the girl with Hrithik?’

Watch the video of Hrithik holding his hand and making him sit in the car


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