Attractiveness is indispensable to human existence – Senior Beautician Rashmila Shrestha

Kathmandu: Senior Beautician Rashmila Shrestha is a well-known name in the beauty business sector of Nepal. Born in Dhading, simple and patient Rashmila loves great deeds and struggles. Rashmila, who has been interested in creative work since childhood, is happy to help others. Rashmila, who has been in the beauty business for the last 14 years, is famous in the beauty business. She started her business 14 years ago by setting up Rashmila’s Facial House and Beauty Care in Kathmandu Mall, the heart of Kathmandu. By operating its business from the 4th floor of Kathmandu Mall, it is expanding its business to Busy Mall in Gongbu, Buddha Mall at Machpokhari and 1st Floor of Kathmandu Mall. 1 beauty parlor.

Rashmila’s Facial House & Beauty Care is the only complete, complete facial house and beauty care of international level, chosen by celebrities, businessmen, sportspersons and other clients. Rashmilaj Facial House & Beauty Care is the one and only trusted destination for beauty conscious men and women. Where you can get services from skilled and experienced beauticians. This Rashmilaj facial house has been providing exclusive beauty packages as well as training. The customers will be able to avail their services in a peaceful and family atmosphere at the fully equipped Rashmilaj Facial House.

Rashmilaj Facial House and Beauty Care has become a well-known and well-known brand earning fame not only in Nepal but also abroad. He has made thousands of men and women self-employed and self-reliant by employing hundreds of workers. Interview with Rashmila Shrestha, a senior beautician who has become a strong pillar in industry, business, women’s empowerment, social work and women’s rights:

– What are you doing today?

Rashmilaj Facial House & Beauty Care has 4 branches. Recently we celebrated the 14th anniversary of Rashmilas Facial House and Beauty Care with various events. I spend most of my time in the parlor, providing quality services to hundreds of clients every day and attending various events and seminars.

– How did you get into the beautician field?

From the very beginning I had a personality that loved to be creative, artistic and active. I also believed that women should be self-reliant and do something for the society and the country. I wanted to see myself reach a higher and leading position with the same nature and my abilities and abilities. Because of my goals and dreams, I was looking for a job that would give me a name, self-esteem, business and financial strength.

– What is the role of beautician in Nepali society?

Recently, the beauty profession has had a direct impact on the society as beauticians have got the opportunity to become capable entrepreneurs and businessmen by joining this field. We are working to support the economic prosperity of the country. There is a lot of respect in this business which can be run anywhere with a little investment with self-respect. This profession has helped a lot to become self-reliant and self-reliant. To make women self-employed and self-reliant is to raise the level of society and society.

– What do you think is beauty?

Being beautiful doesn’t just mean showing off on the cover but also showing your confidence and determination from within. Confidence and dedication make a person’s personality impressive. Therefore special beauty is reflected in it. For some, beauty is a beautiful face, even a pretty face can vary in color to black, white and grey. Some may like beauty, some may like aesthetic personality and some may like charm and confidence. In my opinion beauty is an emotional thing, which cannot be limited to one adjective and definition. Nature has given some innate beauty to every human being. We, beauticians, want to make it a little better. It is our job to make the outer cover beautiful by decorating it according to their look and color. It is a matter of outer beauty, but in my opinion, to be a beautiful person, both visible and invisible, that is, the outer covering and the inner mind, must be attractive. I think most of us don’t feel beautiful because we don’t listen to ourselves. That’s why we always use clothes, brands, fashion as a protective shield to feel good. We don’t even know whether it affected us or not. On the contrary, their confidence is going down with time. So in my opinion, whether it is man or woman, beauty is in feeling comfortable.’

– What is the state of the beauty business then and now?

Beauty helps build confidence. He used to make different types of allegations but slowly time was changing, people’s thinking was changing, people were becoming aware of his beauty. Nowadays beauty business has become a respectable profession for female sisters. It has become a strong platform for self-employment and self-reliance. In such a situation, now the attraction in the beauty business has increased. Beauty plays a big role in the personality of a person. Maybe this is one of the reasons why they are performing so poorly.

-What is the future of the beauty business?

Outer and inner beauty depend on what attracts or distracts others. In this sense, beauty plays a big role in human life. Everyone wants to look beautiful, beauty makes human life attractive, so the future of beauty profession is golden. Because this is the need and demand of all the times. There has also been a radical change in the thinking of Nepalis. Until recently, the beauty business was not viewed very favorably in Nepal. However, with the passage of time the thinking of individuals and society has also changed radically. In recent times beauty has become indispensable to human life. This is why beauty products have started to flourish commercially. Even the income of a professional beautician is substantial. After joining this business, women have not only become hardworking, self-reliant, self-supporting and courageous, but women are also taking steps towards social service.

What is the identity of Rashmila Shrestha in the beauty business?

Is Rashmila Shrestha an ordinary woman? I am a beautician who believes in karma rather than luck and providing quality service with hard work. I have been providing employment to hundreds of beauticians and bringing beauty to my godlike clients. Apart from this, we have also been providing beauty related training. Therefore, I am a friendly, supportive woman who can get along with people from all walks of life. Honesty and trust are required in our profession along with quality service of international standard, hence the hallmark of Rashmila Shrestha is honesty. Because of this honesty and efficiency, my face is crowded with celebrities, businessmen, housewives and the general public.

What kind of tips would you like to give to the beautician?

The beauty business is a respectable profession. Since we women sisters can be self-supporting and self-employed, before entering this profession, you should go to a good academy, training center and get the knowledge of training through a skilled trainer. With the passage of time, new techniques, new styles are being updated, so we beauticians also need to be updated according to the fashion of the times.

– Have something to say at the end?

I would like to give special thanks to my husband Prakash Kumar Shrestha who has always loved me from my personal life to my professional life. There is competition in business but clean business competition leads business to a beautiful future but here it is to drag each other’s feet, lie, gossip, get angry, play hate games. Anger and pride kill themselves, so learn to love. Now we are again in the grip of the new Omicron variant Corona. It is not yet known what he will do after leaving office. I would like to draw the attention of the parties concerned as COVID has had a great impact on our beauty profession as well. Thanks.


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