Why are China and the USA in a race to seek out the crashed fighter aircraft?

The US Navy is working on the battlefield to find one of its crashed fighter planes. The US wants to reach the scene before the arrival of Chinese troops.

A US F-35C aircraft costing 100 crores crashed in the South China Sea on Monday while taking off from the USS Carl Vinson. The US Navy called it an accident. Seven Navy personnel were also injured in this incident.

The F-35C is the newest aircraft of the US Navy. It contains many secret tools. The area of ​​the sea where the accident has happened does not come under the border of any particular country. So no one is stopping the two countries from trying to find the plane. According to the rules, the country which gets the plane first will be in its possession.

what are the benefits? The race for that expensive and modern aircraft continues, in which many secrets are hidden. One country wants to find out the secret while the other wants to hide it. The crashed plane is still in the depths of the sea. The US Navy did not say where the plane crashed or how long it would take to find it.

China, which claims the entire South China Sea, has said that it is not interested in the F-35C. “We are not interested in their planes,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a news briefing. However, US security officials say that China will try to get closer to the plane.

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