Why is Durgesh and Paul’s courting so unhealthy that ‘we’re brothers’?

Actor Pal Shah and model Durgesh Thapa performed together at last year’s festival. Durgesh also wore a Bhaitika with Paul’s sister. Family ties were established between them. Moments were seen in the song in Durgesh. Both used to comment on social media praising each other’s work. But the last time when Durgesh released a song, Paul was silent.

He did not even congratulate Durgesh. Paul, who promotes every song, doesn’t care this time. They were also seen together in public events. But now both are seen alone. They used to share pictures of visiting each other’s families, having fun with their families, celebrating festivals with each other’s family. But now it is not so.

Both have not shared any such picture. He said that we were not friends but in a relationship of brotherhood. There is no moment in a recent video made by Durgesh. Paul has not even promoted the song by posting it on Facebook. Discussions have started in the market regarding the rift between the two.

These couples, who often go to public events together, are now going to roam alone. Paul and Durgesh are enjoying every success together. This has made it even easier for his fans to doubt him.


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