Nepal beat Mauritius 1-0

Kathmandu, 18 January. Nepal beat Mauritius in a friendly football match. Sujal Shrestha’s goal was decisive in Nepal’s 1-0 win over Mauritius.

Mauritius could not score from the penalty spot. Nepal’s goalkeeper Kiran Chemjong made a brilliant defense to thwart Mauritius’s equalization attempt.

Despite being a friendly game, it was tense. Two players from Mauritius and one from Nepal got red cards. It rained a lot of yellow cards in the game.
Maheshwar Upadhyay of the Nepali management team also got the red card. There was even a scuffle between the players.

In the last friendly match, Nepal beat Mauritius 1-0.

Kiran Chemjong became the man of the match in today’s match. He saved a penalty and thwarted several attempts by Mauritius.

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